3D Design Software

Getting started in 3D modeling and printing can seem very difficult for beginners, quickly discouraged by the multiplicity of software that exists today. To avoid this, we have prepared the list of the most popular, very easy-to-use, intuitive, beginner 3D software that will guide novices in their creation and printing process. Discover our top the beginner 3D software that suits you according to your need!

  1. The Tinkercad 3D software

Created by Autodesk, TinkerCAD is probably one of the easiest 3D software to use when starting CAD modeling. It is one of the best beginners software in the sector. It is free and can be used directly in your web browser without having to download it. A free smartphone and tablet app is also available.

TinkerCAD is intuitive and very easy to use, which makes it very popular in schools. You can create designs from your imagination only because it offers the possibility of designing models with simple shapes. You can also modify existing models with cutting functions or shape combinations. Its output format is STL. More information here.

  1. Morphi

This is a modeling application specifically designed for tablets. It was developed by a New York startup, The Inventery, and allows the creation of models very easily. Also, Morphi has a gallery with a huge number of functional and decorative models.

The application is free, but you need to pay in order to open certain models and tools. Another version exists, the Morphi Edu, developed especially for schools and available for $9.99. Their creators have recently allowed downloading a trial version on Mac for 15 days before paying $4.99.

  1. SelfCAD

SelfCAD is quite new software on the market that have arrived a couple of months ago, and it has become very popular for beginners; it is notably chosen by many public schools in the United States. Based on the SaaS operating model this software application offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to shape, making it ideal for users with little experience but also very powerful for experienced designers who would like to design complex shapes.

SelfCAD is a CAD software available directly on your browser but also offline; it can work without an internet connection! What we like about this software is its cutting function or slicer: you can do it right from the software, and then you can send your model to the 3D printer. If you want to try this software, take advantage of the free trial offer available on their official website. Otherwise, you can get it from $9.99 per month!

  1. 3D Slash

3D Slash was created in 2013 by Silvain Huet. He was inspired by his son who played the Minecraft video game in which you have to build your world using small cubes. 3D Slash also works with small cubes that you can remove or add to design your final model. The software offers various tools to configure your model and gives you the possibility to change some objects into 3D using photos: you have to download them and decal them. 3D Slash was created for a broad audience and offer everyone an easy way to start 3D modeling. More information here.

  1. The 3D Software SketchUp

SketchUp was created in 2000 by the company LastSoftware and was originally intended for architectural design. In 2006, Google acquired the company because the software made it very easy to create buildings that can be seen on Google Earth. Today, the software offers very simple tools for various profiles: whether you are a maker, architect, designer, engineer, or builder, you can easily realize a 3D modeling of your choice. Before starting to draw, you can choose a template based on the use made of the software. More information here.

  1. Sculptris

With Sculptris, you can design your 3D models in a minute. Designing your model will be as easy as making an object out of plasticine! Indeed, the software starts from a sphere that can be designed as the user wants: stretch it, dig it, smooth it, etc. an ideal tool to make animated characters or video games! Sculptris belongs to Pixologic, the creator of Zbrush, an ideal software for those who are a little more advanced in 3D modeling. More information here.

  1. The 3D Fusion software 360°

The Autodesk software makes it possible to create CAM, CAD, and FAO 3D models. Ideal for industrial and mechanical design, it accompanies you from the design to the production of the final object. Your entire development process is integrated into one platform that works on both PC and Mac. You can easily modify all types of complex shapes. The software is free for students, teachers, and startups. Otherwise, you can get a monthly or yearly subscription.

  1. Meshmixer

Meshmixer is one of the top ten design software most used for 3D printing. It is free CAD software which is part of the range of Autodesk software. It allows you to create and correct 3D models with ease. It is mainly used to define files for 3D printing.

Meshmixer will help you at every step of the modeling process by indicating the changes you need to make to your object to get optimal quality. The software has a responsive interface and various tools available; it is an ideal software for those who are embarking on 3D printing. Meshmixer is free for all Windows or Mac users. More information here.